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HDT & Regency Preservation


To ensure the long-term survival and security of our business, we at Hitchin Damp & Timber have merged the contracting side of our business with Regency Preservation, who are based in Hertford.

Our two companies have worked together for some time now on a geographical basis and providing holiday cover for each other and this merger took take place seamlessly on the 1st June 2007.

Regency have traded from Hertford for many years and have standards and policies very similar to our own.  We are both members of the same trade association and offer our clients the same insurance backed guarantee. HDT employees have transferred to Regency and there were no job losses or redundancies.

Chris Bradburn continues to trade as Hitchin Damp and Timber, providing specialist damp and timber inspections and reports and continues to provide fixed price quotations for any specialist treatments that are recommended. These will subsequently be carried out by Regency Preservation, who will be invoicing the work and issuing their guarantee. Customers will still be offered the option of supporting their guarantee with the CGS Insurance Backed Guarantee scheme.

All guarantees issued by HDT, that were still in force at the time of the merger, will continue to be honoured, according to the original terms and conditions of that guarantee, with no changes as a result of this merger.

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Established since 1989, we are a specialist Damp and Timber company, setup to help home buyers and owners in identifying and rectifying potential damp or timber problems in their property.   Condensation occurs when warm moist air comes into contact with a cooler surface. If the surface temperature is at or below the point where moisture vapour held in the air condenses, the Dew Point, then water droplets form on the surface.   RegencyHDT
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